A collection of chess related items I acquired in the last couple of years for research and out of curiosity. I weighted, measured and sliced everything. Then I designed the Best Chessmen Ever.
If an item has a price tag, it can be bought, prices are reasonable. I only collect top notch items. Economy shipping anywhere in Europe. (EU-only VAT not included).
I’ll use the monnies to buy more items for my research, I have ideas. I appreciate your help. Email me.

Some items are not for sale. Please don't press.

June 2014
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Dubrovnik 1950 Reissue

The fellas at Noj, d. o. o. finally reissued the original Dubrovnik set from 1950 chess Olympiad, designed by painter & sculptor P. Poček. The design was approved by a special art committee in Belgrade, 50 sets only were made. Most of them were donated to the tournament players, only few offered to the public on sale.

Only three reissue replicas were done in summer 2014, this set was the first made.
€ 699,99 - SOLD! April 2015
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Conchess Monarch

Beautiful big chess machine from the past. Working perfectly, original packaging, 50 mm field, standard module, 220 V power supply, 64 LEDs, lovely magnetic chessmen.
€ 349,99
January 2014
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BCE DGT WYCC 2012 Maribor

Best Chessmen Ever Stage 1 Eastern Pitch Black Digital. DGT compatible set with factory original coils inserted. Only one dozen were made for 2012 World Youth Chess Championship. Perfect fit for the awesome Revelation II chessbot. The sets are gone, I snatched the last two, serial numbers S1EBDGT0021 & S1EBDGT0022.

This is what youngest US grandmaster ever Sam Sevian won the World Champion title with.
€999,99 - Set 22 is SOLD!, one left.
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Soviet 1940 Chessmen

Jure Škoberne, a frienly GM, brought these from Ukraine. Picked the best set in the (second hand) store. Note the wide bases and sleek stems. Unweighted.
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Novag Quartz Chess Clock

A digital clock from the times when the dedicated chess computers ruled the prehistoric times. Connects to electronic Novag chessboards.
€ 49,99
December 2013
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Excalibur Phantom Force

This one moves pieces by itself via old Milton Bradley patent. Kids love it. In December 2014 I was lucky to purchase a couple of these. Brand new, boxed on a two for one sale. These machines are long out of production. ELO cca. 1650. Kids love it.
€ 249,99 - SOLD! Sept. 2014
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Mephisto Mini

Cute little travel companion, plays a decent game of chess. New, unused.
€ 29,99
August 2013
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Dubrovnik Pitch Black

Famous official 1950 Dubrovnik replica. I had this set custom ordered from Noj, d. o. o.. It is the only one ever done in black. The coloring is so tricky on the Dubrovnik knights that the makers refuse to do it again. One of a kind.
€ 499,99
May 2013
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Koopman 1990 Chess Clock

They don't make them like this anymore. A big intimidating clock from best maker that ever lived. Koopman, Netherlands.
€ 199,99
April 2013
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The Nimzowitsch Set

The pieces belonged to the great late Slovenian pianist Janez Lovše (1933 - 2012). As a student, his father was an avid chess player and as the story goes, once played a game against Aron Nimzowitsch and lost.
The year was 1931, the Bled tournament just ended and Nimzowitsch was staying a few more days in nearby Ljubljana with his gracious host Milan Vidmar, who promptly organized a simul. The challengers were asked to bring their own pieces.
So Nimzowitch played with these. Here they are. I’m playing a game, I’m touching them too. I move the knight, just as he would have. But not as well.
Somehow, I feel the connection.
The set was probably bought in Vienna in the 1920’s. Note the matching turbans on the royal pair. Bishop has no mitre, the cap is opposite colored. Love the fat knight. Pieces are not weighted. Sadly, one white knight is missing a snout.
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Lardy 3,25 "

Official set of the 1974 Chess Olympiad. Beautiful design, fine satin wood. This is the French "economy" set. They really have high standards, the French do.
March 2013
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Chronos GX Touch

One the best chess clocks ever, a smaller version of the Chronos II Game Clock. Sold out everywhere. I was lucky to snatch another one from a guy I know. Unused, his daughter never picked up chess and ruined his dream of being a rich chess parent.
€ 199,99 - SOLD! July 2014
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Chronos II Digital Game Clock Touch

Wide display. Best chess clock ever. Sold out everywhere.
€ 199,99
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Garde Electronic

The Mystery Clock. Extremely rare, only 100 or so produced in 2001, replaced by a newer model. Works like a charm, sets itself automagically. Lovely clock, extremely underrated. Perfect for blitz matches, not so much for the tournaments. (Outdated time controls.)
I bought a lot of 20 from a German chess club, almost unused.
€ 99,99 (Update May 2015: Only four left!)
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WCC 2013 Candidates

Brought to me from the London Candidates match. Magnus won, you know the rest.
New Pentagram design by Daniel Weil, premiered in London. This one is from the first batch made.
€ 299,99
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Suhadolc Pletschnik No. 001

First one made. Unique wooden box, never replicated. Magnetic one of a kind solid wood chessboard. Very playable. Personal transaction from dear professor Suhadolc himself.
The set can be custom ordered from Noj, d. o. o., but not the box or chessboard. This trio is unique for ever and ever. Signed certificate by maestro himself.
€ 2999,99
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BCE Stage 1 Eastern Rh Red

Best chessmen ever, custom ordered. Personal set of mine. Marked kingside rooks and knights. Extra pair of queens. Felted black. Custom shellac polished hand black felted slide top box, signed certificate. One of a kind.
€ 499,99
January 2013
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ZmartFun ZMF-II

This one is from the first production run, I was lucky to get a review unit direct from the manufacturer on the day of the global release. Cuddly little chessclock.
€ 69,99
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1986 NY Chess Open Drueke Chessboard

I was lucky to get two of these from an USA web chessshop, they only had half a dozen or so left. I rushed at the opportunity, they are gone since. As is the maker of these beautiful chessboards. No more.
It's a best damn chessboard I ever owned! Solid non-warping wood, beautiful satin finish. I'm only selling one, of course. The other you can only snatch from my cold dead fingers.
"It turns out these boards were actually historical! The lot of 35 of them were used only once in the 1986 New York Chess Open. Since then, they had remained in storage until the tournament director, Jose Cuchi, needed to move from his home. I was thrilled to hear this, as this meant these boards has been played on by such legends as GMs Pal Benko and Bent Larsen. That same tournament was also the big splash appearance of Judit Polgar, the strongest female player to have ever played the game. She was all of 9 years old at the time, and won the unrated section."
€ 399,99
October 2012
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Noj Dubrovnik Rh Red

Most elegant chessmen and elusive chessmen ever, favorite of Bobby Fischer's. I had this set custom made, it was the first one ever done in custom Rh Red color by the good folks of Noj, d. o. o.. This is my personal chess set. I'd hate to part with it. Box, certificate, the works.
€ 449,99 - SOLD! December 2012, (I since ordered meself a new custom DGT compatible version.)
September 2012
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ZmartFun Touch Blue

Cute little digital clock with touch buttons. Indestructible, easy to set. A lovely clock. No longer made, replaced by a newer model.
€ 59,99
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Ulbrich Birdseye Chessboard

From a family business in Germany.
€ 99,99 - SOLD! March 2013
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Ulbrich Black Chessboard

From a family business in Germany.
€ 99,99 - SOLD! June 2013
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Alpha 522

Top analog chessclock quality from the past century. German, stylish, beautiful. Silky run.
€ 129,99 - SOLD! June 2013
June 2012
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4" Zagreb

The Dubrovnik design replacement. Fine ebonized chessmen from India.
€ 149,99 - SOLD! Feb 2014
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Best Chessmen Ever Prototype Chess Set

First BCE set ever made, a bit crude, don't you think? Knights were later redesigned, pawns re-weighted. Western only.
The set plays superbly. Fine craftmanship by Noj, d. o. o. I need to take it out of the box more often. Prototype (one of a kind) magnetic box included.
S1WNP 0000 serial number. A historic set, one of a kind.
€ 699,99
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1917-1920 Austrian Coffehouse Chessmen

Beautiful heirloom chessmen. Belonged to an older uncle of mine, passed to him by his granddad, who was presented them as a student at his graduation. In top condition, undamaged. Beautiful yellow patina, smell of the old times. (Box is not original.) Sadly, I do not have a matching chessboard, the uncle always played on some kind of homemade carton board. He since passed away, but I remember him well, crunched over that board. I paid no attention to these beautiful chessmen then.
€ 499,99
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Noj Fabiani

Designed by Janez Suhadolc, made by Noj, d. o. o., a father and son team. Same folks that make my Best Chessmen Ever.
€ 249,99 - SOLD!
Maj 2012
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Subozan No. 6

Big mother of a set from Subozan workshop in Subotica, YU. Chessmen of this design were the only kind sold in former Yugoslavia. Talk about market monopoly.
A simplified copy of Austrian Coffehouse design, these chessmen were never weighted. It simply wasn't done in that country.
€ 79,99
April 2012
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4" Ebony Staunton Pattern

Unknown maker, beautiful craftmanship, fine rendering of the traditional Jaques design. Leather felted. Big, hefty, balanced wood. A joy to play with, beautiful as a collector shelf item.
€ 249,99 - SOLD!
Jan 2012
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Jaques of London 3.75 " Chessmen

Top notch quality, it's Jaques of London. I bought these rather early when deciding to design my own chessmen. I fugured I'd might as well start from the top. This is the standard to measure against.
Slide top felted box with Staunton signature certificate. This particular design was replaced in 2013 with a new simpler one.
€ 399,99