Aces play themselves; I used to think, until the experience proved me wrong. There's more to this hand than raising. Here are three aces hands from my personal notes. They were all played in a somewhat tightish game with some very tough opponents. They were played in three separate sessions.

1. The Grand Suckout

A player UTG limps and I'm next. I bend the corners of my hand to see

I raise. Cutoff calls, and the button reraises. This guy is one of the top players in the world, an extremely knowledgeable and seasoned Vegas pro and he has a very good idea of my play. This pain-in-the-butt is smart and is not toying around, he has a hand, not that I mind it dis time. The early limper folds, cutoff calls and I make it 4 bets. We take the flop three handed.

Flop comes:

I bet, they both call. Turn is:

I bet and only the tough player calls. River is:

I check, he bets and I call. He shows AK of spades and takes it. I try to hold the tears, to no avail.

2. The Big Surprise

A day later the same player opens for a raise 2 off the button. I reraise in cutoff with

He calls and we take the flop headsup:

He checks, I bet, he calls. Turn is:

He checks again; I check behind. River is:

He bets now, I raise and he calls. He shows AhAc and drags the pot. I need to use the handkerchief again.

3. The Passive Tonsils Removal

A tightish game with a different lineup. A tad too loose and tricky player opens UTG for a raise. I flat call in the cutoff holding

To my amazement (the game was fairly tight), the button flat calls, so does the small blind and so does the big blind. It's five way to the flop:

UTG bets, I flat call, button calls and the blinds do the arrivederci joining the observers. Three handed now, turn is:

UTG bets out again, I call, button calls. River is:

UTG bets again, I call, button calls behind. UTG reluctantly shows 87 of clubs and the button flashes 77. UTG asks for a handkerchief.

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